Buy Digital Currencies At Newsagent

Thanks for choosing to use our newsagent payment option. You do not need to make an order on our website to use this method.

Simply head to one of the locations shown in the map and let the newsagent know you want to buy bitcoin or ethereum using the blueshyft iPad app.
You will need to have your bitcoin or ethereum address in a QR code format for the newsagent to scan, then ask to use the CoinLoft provider.
You will need to provide your mobile phone number and will receive a security code via SMS.
If you are a new CoinLoft customer you need to verify your identity on our website first. You can complete that step now - VERIFY NOW
You can then request the value of purchase and make payment in cash directly to the newsagent, CoinLoft will process your order as normal.
You can also use other payment methods
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