About Us

CoinLoft have been operating in the digital currency industry since 2013. We found the digital currency market to be complex and difficult to understand with limited options available for purchasing bitcoin.

With the continued growth and interest in bitcoin we created CoinLoft in order to provide Australians with a quick, easy and competitively priced service for purchasing bitcoin. We have gained a breadth of knowledge in the industry by making CoinLoft one of the leading exchanges in Australia. We continue to grow and improve our service based on our customer needs.

CoinLoft is an industry member of ADCA and also have a representative on the board. We have been working with ADCA, industry bodies and regulators to help define how digital currencies will be regulated in Australia. CoinLoft has been provisionally certified against the ADCA Code Of Conduct.

We are an active participant in the Australian bitcoin community and attend many events held at the Melbourne Blockchain Centre.

We believe in blockchain technology and the affect it can have on other industries moving forward, we are actively working on other projects in this space. You can learn more about CoinLoft at our corporate website.

ADCA certified   ADCCA industry member
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